The Kathy Herward Child Care Center

An NAEYC Accredited Program


Each program in the Kathy Herward Child Care center builds from the curriculum of the previous program, to ensure continuity. Curriculums are available for each program, including schedules and teacher profiles. Our programs follow the Massachusetts Guidelines for Preschool Learning, using the Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment tool to evaluate each child's progress in each program. .

Infants: (3 mos - 15 mos.)

The Infant program's main objective is to provide a nurturing, caring environment in which the infant feels safe, loved, and encouraged to grow and develop at their own individual pace. Each infant has his/her own set of developmental objectives that are specially designed and implemented to aid in the development of key skills. The most important component of this program is the understanding that all children need lots of love and individualized attention, and that infant care involves much more than standard maintenance care. At this early stage of brain development, we seek to give our infants many new and exciting experiences as they begin their journey into early childhood exploration. 

Toddler I: (age 14 mos. - 24 mos)

Our younger toddler program is designed to foster individual growth and development. The goals we have set for these toddlers as they go through our program revolve around the acquisition of basic, fundamental skills which will enable them to begin the learning process.

We feel that this introductory program will serve as a solid foundation for future toddler and preschool development.

Toddler II: ( age 24 - 36 mos.)

Our curriculum outline will be developed through thematic units. Simply, we will discuss specific themes and the necessary information that will allow children to gain the basic fundamental idea of each topic. The themes will be discussed in a circle time involving related books and materials that will be introduced prior to doing a related activity or project. The knowledge gained during these times will be reinforced throughout the day in the different designated areas in the room.

The curriculum activities will help to enhance your child’s fine motor and gross motor skills by allowing them to explore and gain confidence in their surroundings. Through a combination of direct teaching and indirect teaching, children will learn to become autonomous individual and set their own goals to achieve in Toddler II.

Preschool I: (33 - 48 mos.)

Our three-year-old curriculum is designed to foster individual growth and development using developmentally appropriate and age appropriate activities in a warm and nurturing environment.

We will be covering various topics of interest on their appropriate developmental level of understanding and ability.

Preschool II: (48 - 60 mos.)

The curriculum in the Preschool II classroom holds high expectations of learning for each of your children. In planning the curriculum, we take into careful consideration the fact that all children develop their skills and their abilities to perform tasks at different times. Therefore, when explaining an activity, we use several means of communicating with the children, such as verbal explanation, demonstration by teacher and individual help with a project when needed. We shall afford your child many opportunities to acquire skills in language arts, math, science, social studies arts and healthy living by allowing him/her to explore materials and to play with toys, games and activities that foster these skills.

Kindergarten: (60 mos. +)

Our Kindergarten program currently follows the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks – a comprehensive list of standards that address all aspects of the cognitive learning experience. This makes the transition from our program to the public school a smooth one.

Each curriculum category listed on the Kindergarten curriculum outlines in detail our goals for your Kindergartner.